Financial Management System

Take Control Of Your Credit.

We empower people to fix their own credit score by offering you, the consumer, the same powerful software that professionals use every day.

Safety First

Stop paying exorbitant fees for less-than-reputable credit repair companies to "supposedly" fix your credit. Instead, our software allows you to do it yourself and walks you through the process at a fraction of the cost.

Remove Negative Items

The goal of disputing inaccurate items is to get those items completely removed from your credit report. This includes collections, credit inquiries, late payments, medical debt and more.

Raise Your Credit Score

Successfully removing erroneous negative items from your credit report will increase your credit score and help you qualify for mortgages, loans, and credit at better interest rates - saving you thousands!

How does this all work?

1. Get Your Credit Report
Before you can repair your credit, you'll need to get a copy of your credit report. Our software will walk you through exactly how to get your credit report, how to import it, and how to monitor it for changes such as when negative items like collections and inquiries get removed from your report.

2. Automatically Generate Dispute Letters
Once your credit report is imported, you'll be able to choose which items you'd like to dispute. This could be collections, erroneous accounts, credit inquiries, late payments, and more. Your Personal Financial Management System will instantly generate letters for you to print out and mail to the credit bureaus. We help you leverage laws like the FCRA which often results in these items being removed from your credit report!

3. Track Your Progress
After you mail your first round of letters to the bureaus, you will wait for a response and then upload it into your Personal Financial Management System. It often takes multiple rounds of correspondence with the bureaus to see any items get removed or for any information to be corrected. Your Personal Financial Management System will continue to generate response letters for you until you until your dispute is resolved. This often ends with the negative item in question being removed from your credit report.

Educational Material

In addition to helping you dispute items on your credit report, you'll get access to educational information about your credit and how to keep it healthy moving forward.

Know What To Send

Not sure how to send your first dispute letter or what to write? Not sure how to respond when the bureau plays hardball? Your Personal Financial Management System's software walks you through it.

Dispute Letter Templates

We have dozens of letter templates that will turn you into a credit repair professional. Why pay high fees to untrustworthy companies when you can do it yourself.

Stay Organized

Disputing multiple items and keeping track of replies between the 3 bureaus, plus the creditor (for each item) can be messy. Our software dashboard keeps you on track.